Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Unit 1: Assignment 3

Tool Inventory
1.      Task
2.      Tools
3.      Reason
You have to lead an online presentation on your contents of your history term paper.
1). Youtube
2). Video Conferencing
Both of these tools will help you to lead an online presentation for your history paper because you can post the video online for classmates/professors to view at any time or video conferencing to do it at that current moment.
The final exam for your economics course is coming up, and you need to collect all of your (and hopefully your classmates’) online resources for a study guide.
1). Discussion Board
2). Internet
These two tools are ideal for this task simply because a discussion board is great for students to communicate with one another, especially if they are wanting to collect materials as a whole. The internet is awesome and pretty self-explanatory – you can use it to search for more (detailed) materials that need to be on the study guide that you couldn’t quite understand.
You need to create an interactive tour of Berlin as an assignment for your study board program.
1). Prezi
2). Microsoft PowerPoint
Both of these tools are ideal because it allows you to create a visual representations of your ideas as well as creating and sharing an interactive multimedia presentation.
You and a group of your classmates have been asked to do a collaborative research project on how Facebook has affected the social habits of young adults.
1). Instant Messaging
2). Video Conferencing
These two tools are ideal for this task simply because with instant messaging you are able to receive instant replies from your group members, and with video conferencing you can communicate via text, voice or video. This allow students to work quickly and efficiently to get their work done in a quicker and easier time frame.

 Unit 1: Assignment 2

Hello everyone! 

My name is Mondy and I am 23 years old. I'll be celebrating my 24th birthday on September 16th. I am currently attending Georgia State University as a junior majoring in finance. I am hoping, as an aspiring entrepreneur, to own my own business one day. I haven't figured out what I wanted to do, but I hope within the next few years, I'll have a good understanding of what I want out of life. 

Also, before you ask why my blog is entitled, "makeup tips 101 and things," I'll give you a quick explanation. I originally had this blog for another course that I was taking a few semesters back, so instead of creating an additional blog, and as forgetful as I am, I decided to simply add to this one and to remove the older posts. I'm looking forward to having a great semester!